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Bad Credit Loans

Gryphon Financial has built a reputation from providing funding for those with bad credit, defaults judgments, arrears and repossession. They may also be in receivership or going through administration. They are individuals, small businesses, companies, developers, home builders. They have residential, commercial real estate or land.

We specialise in those that the banks say no too….

You may be looking for a refinance home loan, buying an investment property or looking to buy commercial property. You may need bridging finance a debt consolidation loan. You may need money for renovations. Residential construction we can help……If you need commercial refinance or finance for construction or land development even a joint venture we can help you…….

Gryphon Financial has become the mortgage home loan experts for bad credit. We specialise in low doc loans, no doc loans, private loans, caveat loans.  All you need is equity in your property and we can assist you…..When the banks have said no….. we can help with long term or short term loans………..Our clients are in South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia…………. Call us now so we can help

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