June 17

Private Lenders & Private Lending in Australia


Who are Private Lenders & What is excatly Private Lending?

Private Lending is a viable alternative to traditional bank lending – especially when the banks won’t approve your loan.

Private Lenders are individual investors who avail their funds to be used for private lending.

Private Lending brokers help to connect borrowers to private lenders, seeking the best possible outcome for all parties.

Private Lending is very helpful for people who fall outside of traditional bank lending.

Whether due to bad credit, mortgage arrears or defaults, or if their property is at risk of a repossession. In this situation, the banks will certainly not be approving further loans.

With Private Lenders, one who is in this situation can refinance a property (that still has sufficient equity on it), in order to fix urgent issues. Such as stopping repossession, paying off mortgage arrears and fixing bad credit.

Gryphon Financial – Private Lending Specialist

Australia’s Trusted Private Lender & Private Mortgage Specialist

Gryphon Financial is Australia’s Trusted National Private Lender & Broker.

We have a network of over 200+ private lenders with ready funds. Property is required as security and we specialise in resolving difficult and urgent problems fast.

Speak to us today.

*We do not do personal loans.


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