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At Gryphon Financial, we act fast on behalf of you and your clients.

We have a wide network of introducers who trust us to provide innovative financial solutions to their clients.  
This relationship is important by which we pride ourselves on quick approvals and settlements using our extensive national network of Private and Non Bank Lenders. We resolve difficult situations fast. 

We look forward to working with all introducers.

Share Your Scenarios With Us

We can assist you with your clients and the professional practices and agencies you may support, to further add value with our financial solutions.

We resolve problems fast by working closely with our introducers and their clients.

By working collaboratively, we deliver tailored financial solutions to resolve current issues.

We are a National Licenced Broker Specialising in Home Loans, Commercial Loans, Lo Doc & Construction Loans.

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  • Home Loans

  • Lo Doc

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  • Credit Impaired

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Private Loans


1st Mortgage

Up to 80% LVR

UP to 5 Years

Residential or Commercial


2nd Mortgage

Up to 75% LVR

UP to 12 Months

Residential or Commercial

No Minimum Period


Caveat Loan

Up to 75% LVR

UP to 12 Months

Residential or Commercial

No Minimum Period

Supported by Unregistered 2nd Mortgage


Credit Impairment

Bankruptcy Annulment

Defaults & Judgements
Mortgage Arrears

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Helping Clients Nationally

With access to over 160 private lenders nationally, Gryphon Financial has the resources to resolve your problem. Find out how we can help*. 

Private Loans

Can't get a loan from the bank or mainstream lenders? Get a private loan through us.

Commercial Loans

Need funds for a project or investment? Or to stay in business? We can help. 

Short Term Loans

Need financing urgently just to tide over this period? Speak to us about a short term loan.

Caveat Loans

We can customise a private loan to suit your exact needs. Explore your options with our qualified lending manager. 

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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Bad Credit Loans

Credit problems can arise from many factors. No worries. We can tailor a private loan to suit your situation. 

2nd Mortgages

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Looking to collaborate with us? We welcome any enquiries. 

Finance Brokers

Have clients who need funding urgently? Share the requirements with us and we can arrange a suitable private loan.


We have many introducers in our network. If you know of people who may need a private loan, give us a call. 

Private Lenders

Have ready funds and want to offer private financing? Leverage Gryphon Financial's extensive network for optimal results. 

200+ Private Lenders Nationally

when it comes resources, we have the backing to solve your problems.

wide network of financial brokers & introducers.

With over 10 years in non-bank and private lending, Gryphon Financial has the connections to make it happen.

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